When you book a hotel room, you almost always know what you're going to get, because hotels the world over conform to most of the same standards. Niagara Falls hotels for example, will look the same as hotels in Saudi Arabia or Mexico City, with the standard towels and tiny soaps and window air conditioners. But what if you don't want everything to be the same? What if you need a little extra? You can always make a special request. Here are some common requests and tips on getting them approved.

Hotels are commonly asked to make a special effort to accommodate a person with a special needs. This might mean providing a guest who is a little person with a stepstool for reaching the sink or allowing a pet dog your autistic child relates to into the hotel so he can deal with the change from your Haliburton cottages. If you explain the reason for your special request, it will typically be granted. Most hotels even have special wheelchair friendly rooms.

Another common request hotel guests make is that the hotel accommodate their pets. Many people who are looking for condo rentals in Puerto Vallarta make pet acceptance a must because they view pets as part of the family. If you're traveling with a pet and the hotel does not specifically advertise itself as pet friendly, you can ask for an exception to their no pets rule. They will be much more likely to accommodate you if you offer to pay a deposit against any damage your pet might do and demonstrate that the pet is well behaved.

If you require special services, such as an airport taxi in Toronto to get you to your hotel, tickets to a particular show, or a new dress shirt to replace the one that was ruined on the plane, you can ask your hotel's concierge. As long as you are willing to tip generously for the service, hotels will almost always accommodate these sorts of requests from guests, especially if they are repeat guests or they have booked into the most expensive type of room.

Regardless of the nature of your request, make sure your romantic Sunshine Coast getaways aren't going to be ruined if you don't get it. To increase your chances of the hotel accommodating you, be respectful, grateful, and friendly to the staff when you ask. Staff will often go over and above their duties for someone they like. However, you should never ask them for anything that is illegal.

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