In business you need to be thinking about the bottom line at all times and going on a business trip is no exception. That means you need to take advantage of all of the deals that are offered or take advantage of perks like a company retreat that is heading off to the country for the weekend. There are many franchise hotels that offer corporate rates for businesses of all sizes but sometimes it's the deals that you find for yourself that are the best.

All of the corporate rates with larger companies are negotiated individually. That means if you're running your own business and want to get a discount you are going to need to show them that it's worth their while. Maybe you will suggest to partner with that chain to offer a discounted rate to all those coming in from out of town for events that you're providing the food for. Or, if you're traveling often and require other services like a rental car you could negotiate a cheaper rate with one firm for that. If you're running a small business as little as five or ten percent on something like this can really make a difference at the end of the year.

If you don't have any luck negotiating a good rate with one of the larger hotels than think about other accommodations that might work in the places that you frequent. You might have a small college nearby that you use as a home base and also a satellite campus in Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver. If this is the case you might want to contact a bed and breakfast or a smaller independent hotel and attempt to get a standing discount with them.

When booking for a larger event make sure you're talking to someone directly at the hotel you're staying at to negotiate your rate and organize all of your needs. When you're dealing with hundreds of people for a conference or a corporate meeting for example, you will want to make sure everything's right. Dealing with a website or call centre can mean things get lost in translation.

You might also want to investigate changes to become a member of a club that offers discounts on travel to its members. Getting the right credit card can also be the key to saving on your next business trip. All it takes is a little extra effort and research to keep from breaking the bank when going out of town.

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