In the news, we always hear about travelers being robbed or kidnapped or attested for drugs that they did not put in their own bags. Regardless of whether you're making your reservations at local hotels or a hostel over in Europe, there are certain basic practices that you should follow to keep yourself safe while traveling. Many people are nervous about traveling because it takes them outside of their comfort zone. But if you follow our travel safety tips, you should be fine.

Stay Aware

The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe in any situation is to look confident and keep your eyes open. Even outside your own Port Perry cottages there may be people who will take the opportunity to exploit people who look lost or vulnerable, so keep your head up, walk with purpose, and hide your natural tourist confusion. Don't spend a lot of time looking at your map while walking or wear your camera around your neck, and always know which areas of the city to avoid.

Take Security Measures

To keep the prying hands of thieves off your possessions, take basic steps to protect yourself. Leave any unnecessary valuables behind in the safe at your rental when you go sightseeing. Keep your wallet on a chain in your front pocket rather than your back pocket or use a money belt or neck pouch. Carry your purse across your chest rather than on a shoulder, and if you carry a backpack, use luggage locks on the zippers to keep them from being easily opened. In your hotel room, keep the chain or bolt on when you're in the room and use a doorstop for added security.

Keep Backups

Some pickpockets are so skilled that it's almost impossible to protect yourself against them. Therefore you should have several copies of all important documents as well as additional cards or stashes of money. Keep one at home in a safe place, another concealed in your luggage, a third on your person, and give an extra set to your traveling companion or a friend at home you can call for help.

Know Where to Go For Help

No matter where you travel to, there will always be some sort of criminal element to deal with. If you find yourself running afoul of it, your first instinct should be to run to a public place where there will be lots of witnesses. Do not run to a dark home in the country in the hope that the owner will be home. Keep the numbers handy for the local police as well as your consulate and know the phrases for "help" and "thief" in the local language.

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